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Press Releases – The Best Web Traffic Source

Press Releases - SEO -Dear Friends, Many of you are probably working hard to promote your web sites or blogs on the Internet. Regarding these efforts let me ask you all one important question:

Do you know what is truly the MOST powerful marketing and advertising on the planet?

Also before I tell you the answer, I want to mention that I am willing to bet you are either not using this most powerful marketing element at all or are probably not using it to its fullest potential.

The Answer is: Press Releases!

Friends, it sounds too simple to be true, but think about it:

With any other form of marketing if only one or two people respond to your ad campaign that usually means a failed campaign. However, that is not the case with press releases and press distribution! Just one feature or a mention in a popular or targeted business publication and you could have your company sailing on a sea of new sales and profits! We see it happen all the time. With the media and press releases your business's phones could be ringing off the hook!

The next question arises, "How do you go about writing a quality press release that will grab the attention of the media and your audience? Here are some tips to help you succeed:

- Pick a "Newsworthy" Angle. Press releases are not an advertisement. Do not try to sell your product or service. Do not use "hype" in press releases. Instead give the media what they want and they will give you what you want. Now, what the press and media want is a story! Just provide: the Who, What, When, Where and How that uses your products and or services in a story format. Show examples of ways that people have used your products and services to their benefit. If you include some emotions in your stories it will be better. Think to yourself: Would this be something that I might read in a newspaper?

- Get a Good Start. The headline and the first few sentences of the first paragraph are the absolute most important part of the press release. If you don't catch the readers’ interest here you will lose your audience. The best way to do this is to use your most hard-hitting information FIRST rather than build to a climax. This may be opposite to what you would normally do but it does work! What follows in your press release are the details that SUPPORT your story or theme.

- Write to the Media. Remember, your press releases are being read by journalists, editors or reporters, not necessarily your clients, It's not your job to sell them your product or service, it's your job to give them an interesting story or piece of news that they will be happy to share and announce to their audience.

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