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Open Office PDF Editor - Sun PDF Import Extension

Pdf Editor After writing my article "is it possible to edit pdf files" I received some comments on my blog and messages on social media sites regarding the post, one of my twitter follower said Open office is best for pdf editing and also he also said about gdoc as pdf editor, it was a small message but, after doing some search research i found that sun's Open Office has a good pdf import export extions where we can use these extensions and import any pdf files, and edit in open office and can save it as open office document or as a raw pdf file.

I newer used the open office software, and planning to download the latest version soon, It is said that Open Office version 3 is good for pdf editors and writers, where each document is edited correctly and can be export in many formats including pdf format.

So let us download the open office 3 or buy the latest version to check out these features if worked we can proceed for our further editings.

May be there is facility where our presentions can be saved as pdf files as in ms word i have to check it down after downloading and using this product.

I like friends who are already using Open Office as their text editor can review this product and comment the features in the comment section of this article. I will be thankful.
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