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Julia is now with authorSTREAM

Julia on authorSTREAM - Julia is an writer and a dancer. Juila also writes short stories, sometimes poetry too, and right now she is for authorSTREAM, an online platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations. She had learnt many contemporary forms of dances and had created her own form she call it fun dance. She lives in Washington, D.C., have major in anthropology and minor in literature. You can read more about her on julia's blog

She met authorSTREAM guys last summer when she was visiting her aunt, It was not a coincidence.She fished them out and went over to their office to tell them how much she love authorSTREAM. Unlike the other names in the Presentation sharing industry, authorSTREAM purely focuses on PowerPoint. authorSTREAM is not about PDF, Videos or Apple Keynote presentations – only about PowerPoint. Easy to use, with rich media elements like video, images, animations etc., it can be used to enhance content creation. So easy, one can use it to share travel photos and experiences. She used PowerPoint all her student life for assignments, class presentations, share photos of her travels and experiences with her friends. Read more at Julia's Blog
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