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How to Verify blogs on Technorati if we missed the first step?

Verify blogs on Technorati  Since Long time my blog was on Technorati, but i never seen that it is not claimed for publishing on technorati, And today i logged in to technorati and checked that my blog is not claimed hence, i tried to claim it and found that i have to add a code to my post to get it claimed because may be i missed the first steps of technorati for claiming my blog.

And after searching on net i found some good posts regarding claiming the blog on technorati and i thought of doing so by writing this post i can claim my blog on technorati as well as a new post about how to claim and verify the blog on technorati will be created and by this post i can also help the people who are not claimed their blogs on technorati.

The actual process on technorati to claim our blog is that we have to scroll down to the page and when we find the place where we can claim our blog. We have to Enter the URL of your blog and click on "Claim this blog". We have to then Click on the checkbox and select "Include this blog in Technorati’s Blog Finder" then we have to fill in the keywords for our blog inside the tags boxes. Once we do this, we have to "Save the Changes" then we get the claim code. We have to copy the code and paste it in our sidebar or any where before the "/body" This is the actual process to claim our blog on technorati.

But if we had missed this option then there is another option to claim our blog on technorati where we have to go to our page, and then we have to find the "Claim" button click it then we will the get a code say G3S7G5R4Q3UG we have to copy the code. And we have to write a new post just like this one in our own words and have to paste the code any where in between or on start of the post and have to publish the post. Then we have to go back and have to click on "Verify Claim Token" and we are almost done.

This post will help every one who missed the first part to claim their blog on technorati.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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