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Five unique features of

features of bingAs we all know Bing belongs to Microsoft it is Microsoft’s latest launch. And we are seeing that Bing is attracting many users in the whole world, because of it’s solid relevancy as well as key features. The following are the 5 unique features of, which are making Bing famous.

1. Bing is organized in Categorized Search Results.

Bing gives us search results into specialized categories, rather than a lump sum. We can pull much more specialized results by using category links.

The site also allows a category called WEB GROUPS, which helps to provide more comprehensive Internet marketing services to our customers.

2. Better Search History

The new search history area is available at the left bar which helps to activate even when we are not signed in, assuming we are using the same browser. The history automatically deleted when we manually clean out the browser cookies. We can also use Windows Live ID to access our search history from any computer around the world. Using Silverlight we can also our search history to our computers.

3. The Quick Preview Facility

Another great feature of Bing Image Search results is it not only shows the thumbnail images, but also it lists a short excerpt of the page to the right of any listing, which is relevant beyond the short description. The page looks beautiful and we can see everything without clicking, It saves most of our time and helps us to get better results too.

4. Quick & Instant Answers

Quick and Instant Answers are not new to us but here at Microsoft’s Bing it truly shines. You can conveniently view Filmfare Awards or any other famous award results or find out who won the Cricket match with just a glance at the top of the page.

5. Unlimited Scroll of Images

Whenever we search for images we can scroll and no tension for the running out of page error, we can scroll images on Bing infinitely and we can wait for the correct picture we need till then keep the down key pressed. Wow what a great feature.
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