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Backlinks from other sites gets better SEO

seo backlinks Back links from other sites are known to be best to get more success for search engine optimization - seo, For this we need to create more backlinks on many other sites which are have best rankings and on the top search result pages of search engines.

If get more and more backlinks, say by proper commenting on same niche articles on other sites or blogs will help us to get better alexa rankings, and high pr values to our blogs or site.

The sources where we are going to get backlinks or where we are commenting should have authoritative sources by which it is possible to get maximum effectiveness results.

Just we have to keep in mind that when ever we are linking to other sites first we must check that the websites should have high quality content and also the similar niche for which we are linking our site or post on our blog. Or if you are planning to link your business websites then check the same niche articles of your website and should not have direct competition with, Always remember that competitors will accept your links because it may harm their own SEO if you have some problem on your wibsite.

A big research is needed to find correct related site or blog for your articles or website to link with. We have to check first the content which should be self written one, rich in grammer and meaning full, inviting pattern, the website where you are going to link must have good reputation online.

Here is a small hint for finding a good content for your niche and linking to others articles by commenting. : - Add your niche keywords on google alerts and get all the new posts in your email – read, research and link with them.

Another tip : Download related niche pdf files read, get the idea, write your own articles, link the pdf files paths for good seo.
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