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Quit-X - Quit Smoking in 7 to 12 Weeks

quit smokingLast night i was on a TV Channel and found a best product to quit smoking, I was there on the channel for half an hour and i like the product very much, as i am the regular smoker and intended to quit found this program very interesting and watched the full story, after that to make it more comfortable i visited the website provided on the channel to clear all doubts and the details available on the site are as follows:

After seeing the program on channel and viewing the website I decided to buy this product and quit smoking soon and started researching about it both on tv channels, discussing with friends, and visiting their website i came to conclusion about the product to buy it.

As per the website their product Quit-X is described as here, QUIT an ideal add on to your will to QUIT TOBACCO. QUIT An Ayurvedic Poroprietary Medicine. There is a way. Now when you have decided to Quit tobacco, you will definitely succeed. It’s not you but a bunch of your brain cells are addicted tobacco. They crave for the nicotine in a cigarette that gives them a new high. With Quit and your doctor’s advice, you can now overcome your tobacco urge within 7-12 weeks.

You can also read the tips provided on the site for: Hid but don’t seek, Create you smoke free zone, Cool your throat, Sniff some freshness in details.

It is made very simple to quit smoking by taking the pills as described here, 1st Week : One tab 6 times a day, 2nd Week : One tab 5 times a day, 3rd Week : One tab 4 times a day, 4th Week : One tab 3 times a day. and it is over you will quit smoking with money back guarantee provided by the company as said on the related site.

I am ready to buy this product and willing to quit smoking soon, what you say about this product need your opinions too.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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