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Mlm and Network Marketing Ssecrets Part II

posture powerIn mlm and network marketing part one we had discussed the overview part and now in the second part of the same article on mlm and network marketing we are going to discuss about developing our posture power, this is the most important part in mlm and network marketing business.

As we know almost all new mlm'ers starts their business with the attitude of "If we sponsor just two people in our downline, it will work for me. Please god i want two, let me join ali and ram".

So this is a place where people like to stand. When we have this kind of mind-set we will definetely end up begging friends and family to please join us., I say the majority of all networkers who are just here for a try will end up feeling like they need the person who will work for them. so they say no not for me and surrender and when this happens then others will automaticlay have the posture power.

The begging procedure for joining our business will go on and go on, sucking our thumbs we are asking them to join us by asking them "come join this it you can do it, would you?" Do you think maybe sometime or someday you maybe need this? Oh please, oh please, etc, And we all feel lucky if some one says yes, or they may say i'll try.

When ever we join the mlm company, we forget the vision of why we did it we are the first to join, we also forget the offers and the development of the mindset that we are doing someone's business whom we like. As if we have to convince the other people into doing something which is not good for them. And when we want it so bad for our selfishness for resistant. We always appear weak, like we have got to have them for success and this makes people run away from us.

This is called the scared money syndrome, Think about the banks, they sell the loans to people but they dont beg to people, people comes to them to buy the loans from them, and banks always lends the money to people who don't need money.

We beg and beg to people to give them profit, we are not taking any thing from them but we are providing a best opportunity to change the life of people, but people runs away from us.

But what if we instead, set the mindset of banker, think about this, What product the bankers are selling, how do they money?

Banks make money by renting out money, so what you think, is it correct? Yet how do we feel when we get the loans from bank, we are very happy for this occassion, party to friends etc., but we are crazy isnt it? I mean think about this, this is just like going to a shop and kissing the shop owner's feet because he let us to buy the products from his shop.

It is ridiculous, yet we do this all the time, we are happy, when we get admission to a college, we are happy when we get a membership of a club, we are happy when we get a credit card and we feel lucky when our loan is approved. and the most happy occasion is when we get a job, because the company is hiring us to begin with is because you have some valuable skills and abilities that they need this will grow their business and you are happy - huh.

So the main questiion arises here, what if you created your appearance with people who ever you may come in contact with, such that they want what ever you had, they should ask any thing new with you, any new business, i want to join etc etc.

This attitute will help you, people will ask you to join your mlm business, you dont have to show them any plan, they will start to ask about the business, and if you select them to get involved with your mlm company, they should jump with joy, because you allowed them to join your business.

This is called the posture power...

Friends i will write more on posture power in next part keep on reading and add your experience....
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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