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Branded PC Assembled PC Confused

assembled pcAll my friends while buying a New Personal Computer ( PC ) always had an argument regarding this assembled and branded versions, they always like to buy branded pc, but i prefer assembled, why i will clarify the details of assembled pc and branded pc in detail now.

I always prefer to buy and sell assembled pc do you know why, first let me clarify what is assembled pc, many people think that assembled pc has parts which are manufactured locally, yes it happens in TV Sets, tape recorders etc. but in PC it is not that.

First let me correct the word assembled pc to Custom PC, it is not assembled pc, but custom pc, we all computer people made this mistake by saying it as assembled pc, it should be custom or classic pc, because we select what ever parts and which branded parts we need as per our choice and gather all to make it as a new and customized high configuration pc.

I always give my friendly customers the best customized versions of pc by selecting the best branded parts, like original box pack intel mother board, intel box pack CPU, Best selected Memory RAM Branded Combo CD DVD Drives, Branded monitors, to say all branded in one best looking box called cabinet.

This is the best way to buy a pc, first select a good hardware engineer, and visit distributors of branded pc Peripheral stores and select all best and branded ones, bring home or office and make it assembly by an expert hardware engineer.

Even Branded Computer Companies do the same thing but they order the parts in bulk and assemble them and sell in heavy cost.

Sorry branded companies for exposing you all, but if sell the pc's in resonalble rates people will again prefer to buy the branded one's.

So friends what you think about this, your opinions needed.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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