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Published by on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 5:32:00 PM

Apple ipad or Google Tablet - Which one be your next gadget?

google table and apple ipadApple announced the release of its ipad in Jan 2010, and will be comming soon in the stores, Every one is waiting to buy the gadget of Apple the next generation computer soon, and now also Google announced its latest research the Google Tablet - Wow now a bit confusion which one should be purchased as our new gadget...

Let us first study about these two latest comming gadgets, The apple ipad and Google tablet from some sources where the news is available in details, and let us come to some conclusion about the products and can add to our one of the latest collections.

And if we like both the apple ipad and google tablet then we will go for both as our latest gadgets, as i have two laptops with me, the apple imac and ibm dell brand pc with me for my personal use one in office and one at home.

The apple ipad is a tablet computer which have two main functions as an iPhone or iPod touch with features and functions which are more powerful than the latter mentioned gadgets.

And now Google the maha gaint announced that it is developing a new gadget called the Google Tablet. This gadget is also a tablet device like Apple's Ipad and is based on the Android Operating System. The news is spreading that Google is already working with several hardware manufacturers for this project.

So what's you opinion about these two gadgets, which will be better for you... waiting to have one.. siaar.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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