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Published by on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 12:35:00 PM

Unlock the Iphone to use with any Sim Card

iphoneOne Day one of my friend named Jimmy asked me about his iphone that it is not working with any sim card in India, and he was in search of some unlocking software for his iphone, and while browsing today I found a solution may be it will help him or some other iphone users India. The Software is available on

The iphone unlock software site says it is the #1 iphone unlocking software solution provider.

And they challenge by saying that they will return your money if it wont work, that is money back guarantee for whatever they charge for it. This is the best options for us the money back guarantee for whatever the charge we pay for it will get back.

Let us just see the key features of the software below:

1. Support for Unlock iphone 3G 3GS 3.2 and all previous versions.
2. Unlocks latest Baseband and Bootloader.
3. They will provide lifetime updates and support.
4. You can use your iphone with any network sim card.
5. You can use your iphone 3G with any cellular provider.
6. Jail break you iPod Touch 3G.
7. Compatible up to latest 3GS 3.2
8. You can use this software for any country.
9. You will not loose any features or functionality.
10. It comes with Installer/Cydia.
11. Last but not least is Money Back Guarantee.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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