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Published by on Friday, February 26, 2010 at 12:30:00 PM

Windows 7 tool can turn laptop into rogue Wi-Fi access point.

windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 contains software that can turn a laptop into a rogue Wi-Fi access point that masks the entry of hackers onto the corporate network, according to an engineer.

Windows 7 contains a "SoftAP" feature, also called "virtual Wi-Fi" that allows a single PC to function simultaneously as a Wi-Fi client and as an AP to which other Wi-Fi-capable devices can connect.

The capability is handy when users are wearing their consumer hats and want to share music and play interactive games during their off hours.

But it also can allow onsite visitors and parking-lot hackers to piggyback onto the user's laptop and "ghost ride" into the corporate network unnoticed.

So says Gopinath KN, director of engineering at AirTight Networks, a wireless intrusion-prevention system (WIPS) and service company that has analysed the SoftAP capability. He says a Windows 7 device performs Port Address Translation, allowing a single public IP address to be used by many LAN devices (and exposing only certain Layer 4 port numbers).

So devices that associate with the Windows 7's virtual AP will be bridged into the wired network unseen because they will be hidden behind the "master" IP address. More....

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