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Published by onSunday, February 28, 2010 at1:55:00 PM

Solar Bags for Laptop Recharging

solar bagsis now marketing the innovated environment friendly products like the one known as Solar Bags for Laptops, which can recharge your laptops and some other hand held electronic devices while traveling in sun.

The Voltaic Bags which are designed and manufactured by Voltaic Systems, which is a New York Based Green Gadgets Organization.

The unique designed bag will recharge an internal battery pack in about five to six hours say if you are traveling on bike or you can place it in the car exposing the panel to sun.

After completely charging the battery with this pack it gets produced a 15 watts power which is well enough for laptops to run for two to four hours.

You can also add your mobile phones in the bag to get it charged for its 4 watts electrical capacity need.

The bag is made up of a thin film photovoltaic technology which promise to make life easier for roving reporters, traveling salesman and many other people who carry laptops and mobile phone on their duty time.

This bag is a unique one and will be coming soon in the markets, In India it will definitely makes heavy sales because most of us need it for our daily traveling needs with a unique charger on the roads without any tensions.
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