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SEO Tricks for PDF Documents

SEO Tricks for PDF DocumentsTo get fast indexing, rank and top search eingine result pages your pdf files should be optimized. Follow these 6 simple steps to optimize your pdf files for SEO,.

Always try to create your pdf files with text pdf creators, The Best Text based pdf creator is Adobe Acrobat writer, I always recommend adobe acrobat writer to create text based pdf files, because search engines dont love pdf's created with image pdf creators. By creating our pdf files with text based pdf creators search engine robots will read the files like any other text based pages and index them for search results.

Always write the title for your pdf files meaning full and related to the content in your pdf files, because the title of any page is very important, It brings by the robots related to your title and get in search engine results relavantly. search engines uses the text in the title as the link in the search results, it is also very important to maintain the keywords in the title related to your content, because search engines dont love random text as title of any webpage.

PDF Document properties is another very important thing for search engine optimization, as we know a pdf file also contains document properties where we have to provide description of the document, author information, copyright information and more as available in the document property section of the pdf file. Use good description related to your pdf content and keywords in the keywords section of the document properties.

Always link your pdf file from your homepage, because the robots will not find and index pdf files if it is in deep pages, just remember to link your pdf files from home page itself.

Write the appropriate content on the webpage related to the pdf file, dont link your pdf file on any page where there is no content related to the pdf files, Try to create a page on new domain with a related content for your pdf file and link it from there, it will be very important part for any seo. Increase the text font size for good keywords and important text, try to make it bold italic and color it if possible, Use good keywords related to your file in the first paragraph itself.

Always place some links in the pdf files, whenever a reader while reading the pdf file he should see the link back on the pdf file from where he downloaded or opened the pdf file, this makes the reader to visit your page again, When we add links to our pdf files, the search engine will consider it as backlink for our webpage.

These are the main features which we have to maintain for our pdf files to achieve high page rankings such as a web page.
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