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Running Internet Browsing Center Successfully.

internet browsing centerI had seen many people, younger students to old parents, they are without jobs and primary income, They are educated and searching for jobs and opportunities in India.

If you are educated and if you are IT related then there is a self made opportunity in India to run an Internet Browsing Center, Which is very interesting business with a very low investment.

I will guide you to setup an Internet Browsing Center in India in a very smooth way, so that you can start your primary Income easily.

First You decide your investment amount, Rs. 1,00,000 is more than enough to start a good internet business in India. Hope you have it or you can apply of loans, many government loans are there, say Prime Minister Rojgar Yogna, etc.

After Getting Rs. 1,00,000 in your hands, Find a good traffic place, the best option is to select the place near to colleges and institutes, If you find any Engineering college, Medical College, Pre University College or Degree College, We need full traffic of Students. Find a Shop of 10 FT by 20 Ft, this will be suitable for Internet Browsing Centers, Get an low Rated Carpenter, to make cubes of Ply wood, Make ready 8 Cubes in the inner part of your shop, leave 6ft in the front side, a fix a counter in the 10 x 6 ft area in the front side facing to the main door.

Now Comes the Computer Systems, Now a days you can buy computers in Distributors or Dealers shop for very less amount, say it requires only 7 to 8 thousand only, Buy 6 to 8 Computers for your Cubes and Buy a good system for your counter with a laser printer and a color printer with scanner.

Now Go for the Internet Connections, I prefer BSNL Broad Band, It costs you a Rs. 3200 per month for your net cafe plan ie. BSNL BROADBAND - Unlimited, Do the networking part for your cafe with a switch and get connected with your BSNL Broadband Internet Connection. Now you are ready for your Business. You can fix the per hour rate for your browsing center, Rs. 15 is good for minimum one hour. It will make you on an average for 8 systems which are running minimum for 10 hours will make 80 hours and if we calculate for 40 hours on an average that will make you 40 x 15 = Rs. 600 on average, If you get more traffic to your net browsing center, it will make you Rs.1000 on average from your cabins.

The other income options are from your counter, Say laser printing Rs. 10 per page, Scanning Rs. 10 per page, Color Prints, Rs. 15 per page, and online form filling for appointments careers etc Rs. 50 per application, exam results, Rs. 10 per print, and so on.... Your counter will make you double the income than your cabins per day, In an Average you can collect 2000 to 3000 per day if your spot is good.

Besides this if you start a blog like me and write articles on good topics in your spare time when there is no customer or slack time, you can also make additional income through google adsense and your mlm business. (Read this for more details on google adsense and mlm business)

All in all you will not be an unemployed if you start this business with a very less investment.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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