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All IT Professionals should know about Microsoft.NET

All IT Professionals should know about Microsoft .NETOne day I was having tea with a friend recently, during our discussions he asked, “So you are still messing around with that .NET kina stuff?” I was amazed with his tone of his speech his question was just a suspicious one.

So at the moment I decided to share some knowledge about .NET.

.NET is a simple thing to download and hard to work with and very easy to learn by ourselves, A small twenty two Mega bites Microsoft .NET Framework which can be downloaded on a dialup connection within an hour and on broadband connections it takes only four minutes. 

Before learning .NET, I request to download the latest version of .NET Framework so you can be able to run some examples during the course.

Now let’s come to the point

What is Microsoft .NET?

Microsoft .NET is known as a simple app which we need on our Windows PC to run our software’s.

Microsoft .NET which can be also pronounced as DOT NET, It is a software component which runs on all the PC’s which have Microsoft Windows OS. .NET actually consists of various tools and libraries which enables us to create Windows Operating System as faster and easier one. The end users can be benefitted by providing apps of very high capability, security and of course the quality. It is a must to install the .NET Applications on PC to run the .NET based applications.

Some others describe it as Follows:

.NET is the Microsoft Web Service which connects information, people, systems and devices through software, integrated with Microsoft Platform, which also provided the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage and use connected, security enhances solutions with all web services. .NET connected solutions also enable business to integrate their systems faster and in a more different manner and also helps them to realize the promise of info anytime, any where and on almost all device. You can find the exact information about .NET on Microsoft Website.

What the .NET Architecture looks like then?

Actually the Microsoft .NET mainly consists of four major components as shown the image below:

All IT Professionals should know about Microsoft .NETThe Common Language Specification (CLS) – represented as blue

The Framework Class Library (FCL) – represented as red

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) – represented as green

The .NET Tools – represented as yellow

The Operating System – represented in Gray. Which can be any platform but it is good if used with Microsoft Windows 200 or higher. And accessed through win32 Api.

Let us now know about Common Language Specification (CLS)

The CLS - Common Language Specification is a common platform which integrates code and components from multiple .NET programming languages. We can also describe it as the .NET application can be written in multiple programming languages with no additional work in developing and converting code between languages and we can use some tricks for this. 

.NET may also include new object oriented programming languages like C#, Visual Basic, .NET, J# and Managed C++ and plus other experimental languages like F# by which we can compile all common language specifications and we can work together in the same application.

Let us now know about Framework Class Library (FCL)

The FCL – Framework Class Library is known to be a collection of over 7000 classes and data types which enable the .NET applications to read and write files, access databases, process XML, display a graphical user interface, draw graphics, and can use Web services, etc. The FCL also wraps much of the heavy and complex Win32 API into more easily. .NET objects can be used by C# and all other .NET programming Languages it supports.

Let us now know about Common Language Runtime (CLR)

The CLR – Common Language Runtime is known as the execution engine for .NET applications which works as the interface between .NET Applications and the Operating System. The CLR provides the following services:

It Loads and executes code

It Converts intermediate language to native machine code

It Separates processes and memory

It Manages memory and objects

It Enforces code and access security

It Handles exceptions

It Interfaces between managed code, COM objects, and DLLs

It Provides type-checking

It Provides code meta data (Reflection) and also

It provides profiling, debugging, etc.

The Most common .NET Tools

Visual Studio .NET is known as Microsoft’s flagship tool for developing Windows software. Visual Studio has the best solution for an integrated development environment (IDE) by which developers can create standalone Windows applications, interactive Web sites, Web applications, and Web services running on any platform that supports .NET.

You can also find many other .NET Framework tools designed to help us to create, configure, deploy, manage and secure .NET applications and its components.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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