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How To Earn Online Linking your MLM Business

In India With a huge educated population, aware of Internet is worth to make your online business success, Any Smart person who may be a college student to professional man or a housewife can build their own online business on internet.

I am writing this article to explain some good tips and tricks to get involved with the internet and mlm business to create your own industry or money making source.

Just Follow the following steps as I guide you one by one and don't try to change any thing from it, Follow the exact steps and you will be a millionaire within a year.

How To Earn Online Linking your MLM BusinessFirst Step : Create a Gmail Account with all your correct details, Like your Exact Name, Residential Address and Your Cell No which is permanent (Should not change the cell no any time). Once you create a gmail address try to create your gmail address with a short and unique name with good password, write the details in your dairy (Buy a new dairy don't use the old one).

Second Step : Open an Bank Account with the same details by which you have created your Google account, And Avail for all online banking and debit card (credit card facility if available ) facility. Write the details of your bank account in your dairy again.

Third Step : Join a MLM Company under a good and educated leader, and the MLM company should be a real direct marketing company with IRDA or Government Permitted and should be at least 5 years old with good company background. Again write the details of your MLM company in your diary with your ID Password and phone numbers of your leaders. ( Best Preference of MLM Company in India is RCM Business, because it has a huge distributors all over India.)

Now Go to and get a blog by using the same login ID which you have created with your Gmail Account. Use a best available ready made template, try to add your mlm company name in your blog URL: example Just post an editorial post for what you are starting this blog and about you and your mlm business. And Now your Journey towards Earning online as well and getting leads to your mlm business starts.

NOTE : Add your USER ID, TRACK ID, REFERRAL ID what ever you have from your MLM business in your ABOUT ME SECTION of your Blog.

WRITE the RELATED TITLE for your BLOG and Related MLM Description in Blogger Settings.

USe META TAGS for Your Blogger Blog related to your MLM Keywords, You can read how to add meta description to your blogger blogs here.

After complete the Blogger Blog Setting, Try to post daily one post on your blogger blog for atleast a month or two related to your mlm business, What is your mlm business, where it is located, where it has started, who are behind this mlm business and what ever you like to post about your mlm business.

And Add your user id below each post to bring leads to your mlm business with your Mobile Phone Number.

Now the Main part comes to earn online: Being in India with its huge population and Internet aware public, 20 to 25 % of Population of India is aware of MLM Business and Increasing Daily, These people daily search for MLM Opportunities on Internet through google search and other search engines. This people will find your posts from your blog, if you write on daily basis, and if they come and read your blog on daily basis you will be famous on internet for your articles, blog and also for your mlm business too.

Hence if you grow more traffic to your blog, you can monetize your blog for earning online beside your mlm earnings, How ?

You can apply for Google ADSENSE Program through (Do not apply at the starting stage, let your blog be famous first apply only after three to four months and post as much as content related to your MLM first then apply.)

Adsense will make you earn online through their ads program by displaying their ads on your blog posts where you can earn online besides getting leads to your mlm business.

If you get success on blogger you can manage to get back links from all the available forums and related mlm websites just like the below i had created for my mlm business.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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