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How to Choose a Right MLM Company in India!

How to Choose a Right MLM Company in India!We have to consider the five major factors while choosing a right MLM Business which will suite us. I find each factor is critical for getting success in any MLM business. The factors which I will list are as follows First is the Company, secondly we should look for the Best Management, third comes the Product, then Compensation Plan, and the last is we should see for the good Team. We do not see what opportunity we choose, but it should have the same moral values that you do, that it should have the honesty and integrity values, for believing in the opportunity to the extent 100%.

People mainly say, "It didn't work for me." Before saying that we should ask ourselves, "What is 'it' and why should 'it' work for me? Did I work for 'it'?" also people say "I'll just wait and see what happens." No friends MLM is not a waiting and seeing game it’s a kind of business we have to do.

We must just keep in mind that MLM is not a 'Get Rich Quick Scheme', if you want to earn from MLM you are going to take work. Many people often think that a MLM is very easy. NO. No it is not that easy, it will take work, time, energy, and the main part is you have to invest for the purposes. But, I guarantee you that the MLM business you choose if you follow the main steps it will be far more rewarding in the long-term than any J.O.B. or Business.

Let’s see what the five major factors we have to check before joining any MLM Business.

First the Company:

Whether it is public or private: Most common debate for the MLM Company is whether a privately held company or a publicly held company is best. You can check the annual income reports which are important to understand the financial stability of any company. Public companies always publish these reports where private companies don’t. We also know that Public companies also serve 2 main things the share holders and the members/ affiliates/ distributors/ representatives. We can see this balance of positive and negative, there is no good or bad as far as public or private. Private companies are definitely more flexible and maneuverable where we can adjust the market demand, where as the Public companies have to always think about their share holders and what will put more amounts in their pockets.

Whether well capitalized & financially stable: We know today’s market very well with all the ups and downs, so it is very important be finding a company with flexibility, stability, and Capital. We have to check the low debt to income ratio of the company as well. Because many of them say they are "Debt Free". And also debt in excess is not good and no debt is also often not good for the business it should have the balance.

The next thing is very important for us to see that the company isn't solely backed up financially by the owner itself. The major point is the limit of their flexibility is the size of their bank account, they just claim that they have Millions in their banks, but we have to check the financial records of their bank statements.

Most of the new joiners check that the companies that have existed for a long time and have more distributors and it should be two to three years old etc, but they are likely running off cash flow generated by product sales. Don’t think this fact is good or the company is flexible, first research for the things in a better way every thing is 100% true.

Now come to the credibility: I like this one... but, but many companies have faked credibility status. For this we have to check the publications & write ups done by 3rd parties which will help us to find a real good way to see if they are faking credibility or not. It is better to look the companies with Awards, Articles, Memberships, and Appointments. These things are all important indicators of a company’s credibility. The best thing is to make sure that the company has integrity, honesty, and charity.

Note for Better Credibility point: First Review there return-policies, and their policies and procedures.

The next very best thing is the timing: Many of the companies have there well, bad, worst, and better times which are associated with most companies. I have checked from many sources that this type of industry analysts says that there is a time called 'Momentum' where we can see the growth of a company which is in hyper warp and where momentum comes after the pioneering phase and more before the Stability phase. You can enter a company in the pioneering phase where you might be able to get a bigger claim, but you may face the most rejection and possible failure. Most companies fail here. We are seeing that 97% of all companies are failing in 1 to 2 years initial period of time. Momentum always gets to those who stay for 2 or 3 years. We can enter the Momentum Phase of any company where almost the ground work has been setup, where we have very less risk and chances of growth occurs. And if we enter the stability phase of any company we can face very less risk where we can be failing, but I found that, many companies by this time is well known and they rejects the joining.

Next comes to check the Management or the Founders of the company.

Whether they are Experienced: The Company which provides a true opportunity is that which runs by leaderships, who are been both in the Trenches and well built organizations which have combined with their practical experiences in managing a very successful MLM business.

It actually takes a visionary to lead a company to get success. These visionaries usually comes from their background with no hype and hoopla, because objectivity and understanding of how a MLM business should be is it a hard to find within this industry.

We have to pick up a company with leaders who have a better background in both MLM as well as Direct Sales, or Affiliate Sales who have to come from the Real World and who have the base of marketing system not hype.

Next is the Visionary part: We should not loose our perspective by joining a company which has monotony of business. I had seen often companies get caught up in the day to day managing of a company where they loose track of the peak because of the trees. The will come in history of "Good old days." I can say that those companies who are lead by a visionary will last to create a life time of residual income for us.

Next part is to go for Research and Development: If you find a good R&D where the companies keeps good records and they are ahead of the market. Without a good management team, we can’t do these well, companies who are looking towards the next innovation, or a other product will definitely quit growing. I always think that "If you're not moving forward, you must be moving backward." We are seeing today that the market is more competitive and day by day new companies popping up all the time offering the latest lotion, potion, and notion, if any company don’t go forward with new ideas and it will fail. R&D is what which gives a company a good edge.

Next part is the Product line

Let us check the products: Many companies are trying to bring a product which is not used by the general public or that isn't in high demand in the market the company will have to teach their marketing force how to sell. Say if we have product line that is used by the general public already or that's in high demand, here we just have to inform the people that we also have it with good quality, same rate and quantity that are it where no hard selling involved.

Other one is Unique: The Patents, Proprietary Formulas, or Innovative Concepts are more essential part in the marketability of a company. If you don’t have unique products then the company is in direct competition with other companies. A 'ME TO' product however, if a company has a product or service that can only be obtained through them that means that all customers wanting that product must come to them for it. However, there is a problem. Say if the product is soap or home care product then two things happen. Many of the people had already addicted to a regardless of how unique your product may be, say if some are financially challenged will get another brand other than yours at a less price, they don’t even see how good your product is.

For this we have to find a company which is a New industry or Sub industry where there is no Competition or competitive products, but a huge need.

Check for the Consumable Ones: The best part is to see for consumable products this is the one which creates Residual Income. The products should be consumable and repurchase able which should generate repeat purchases. A person buys a product, they like it, they use it, they want more, and then they pay for more, month after month or day after day or year after year. Because the product is unique they have to get it from you, so you get a repeat customer. The power of residual income comes in to play when you have multiple people purchasing this product each day, month, every year forever from your initial effort. This will be realized if people will actually use the products. That is why the product or service the company markets must not only be unique, consumable, and less expensive but also of the highest quality and a product people wants and asks again and again.

Let’s check for Highest Quality: It is must to the potential of a business that the product is of better, higher quality than what you can get elsewhere. A company that can show that their product is better, we have to be sure that the products that the company is marketing isn't breaking any regulation of the country or market. We have to make very sure that any claims made by the company about their products are within all applicable regulations. If the company is without the compliance with these regulations then it is sure that it eliminates.

The Most important Part of any MLM is the Compensation Plan

The Most important part of any MLM is the Compensations Plan: As per my knowledge what better works with the compensation plan here in India is: It should have a good and simple calculations plan, Either it is weekly or monthly payments system.

But I prefer the monthly payment system; The Compensation plan should have a good formula with monthly calculation with Business Volume and Commission Volume System. The Main Payment should depend on both the Business volume and commission volume system, both should be calculated on joining and repurchasing system separately, It should not have any fixed conditions of compulsory monthly purchasing.

Once a Person joins a system without making any joining he should get his first commission statement in the accounts system for his own joining and repurchasing system what ever the amount may be it is.

This makes the person to do work to make it more and he does it and can get good returns and he definitely works hard.

The calculation part should be very simple with only BV and CV calculations on both self and down lines business.

Team & System

Team is not a main part if we get the team support huge group supports or word for word system with a very good technical support we can make an automate online marketing system or manual marketing system very easy.

I will write more lately with more details…. Siaar

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