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Blog and Ping – Search Engine Loves it

Blog and Ping – Search Engine Loves itLots of teens are talking about blogs now a day in India, the main internet era starts now when everyone is enjoying on internet, most of them were only browsing in previous days but now many of the IT related people are aware of blogs and the earning potential with blogs. So everyone likes to write their own category and interest articles, some are writing general articles, some believes in real estate articles, some believes in IT and Computer field articles and many are just putting the garbage to the net. And the Big Bosses and Business owners are marketing their business and personality through blogs.

Right now, this is not what I want to say about, I like to write about the love of search engines with real blogs. Search Engines only love real blogs, which is full of useful and own written content on blogs.

Search engines don’t like the fake blogs or articles or the dumping garbage people collect from here and there, even if it contains rich keywords.

If you write your own articles what is in your mind which contains your own knowledge the blog software works better and understands and love your articles. When you write articles with your knowledge you can write new articles daily, say daily one, this means you are writing 30 articles in a month period and 365 articles in a year’s period.

This will definitely work because blogs and search engines go hand in hand. The blog software is designed in a manner that whenever you post an article each blog article is shown in chronological orders on a blogs home page and each article is in reality which gets created a new web page with its unique URL and TITLE. This is the technique if you are an active blogger and writes your own articles daily then you can create hundreds of keyword rich Web Pages.

I suggest you to write at least 2 articles in a day, the commitment means that you are creating updating and changing you blog and getting 2 new article pages every day by doing this you are making the search engine to love your blog, because search engines loves the change, if change occurs in your blog robot visits as soon as you submit the article to your blog.

And the best feature with a blog software is something known as PINGING, Whenever you add a new content to your blog, the pinging facility with blogs sends message to all the blog directories to come and visit your blog because it has been changes, if it happens on daily basis think of the traffic.

By this pinging facility the search engine automatically notices and locates your blog and it makes the search engine robots to visit or come back again and again whenever it is updated that means whenever you post an articles the search engine robot visits your blog and the article page is included in search engines.

I always check my blog in Google search as soon as publish an article by using site: and find the page which I published just now is included in the list. Wow it is working because of my active publishing’s on daily basis.

You can also use Ping-O-Matic to send pings to multiple services. Some blog software are already configured to do this automatically, but keep an habbit to do that manually, it helps Ping-O-Matic to locate your blog, if you do it again and again, a time comes, ping-o-matic starts pinging your blog automatically after some time.

Lastly I want to say that to get organic traffic to your blog just do the following three steps,

Write articles on daily basis with rich keywords and your own articles.

Add correct Meta tags to your head section, which makes search engines to locate your blog.

Ping your blog as soon as you publish your article.

If you write your own experienced based articles, let it be daily one, you can get lots of traffic in a year’s time.
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