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Three ways to download, put YouTube Videos to iPod, iPhone?

A tutorial tell you three ways to download youtube, put youtube to ipod

Written By: freedoor1
: YouTube- a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips.Now more and more people prefer to express our feelings and share our ideals with others use YouTube in this open and comprehensive world, no daunt, but have you face these problems before, when you want to download those amazing videos and save it forever, and enjoy it on our iPod from time to time?

This tutorial will tell you how to free download YouTube video and put it on your iPod, iPod touch, it includes three parts.

Part1: How to download YouTube video?

1. With Free online Video Converter

Free online Video Converter like,, etc are all web-based video downloader and online Video Converter, here we take Zamzar as example to tell how to download and convert YouTube Video.

Step1.Open this website:

Step2. Then go to YouTube and find a video that you love. Copy the URL that in the Red box. Like this format:

Step3. Switch to "Download Videos" tab on ZamZar, paste your video file URL to the input box (figure as follow), choose the right format you want. as you want to put YouTube video on iPod, so you can select mp4 and convert your video directly(MP4 is also fit for PSP, Zune, Apple TV and other MP4 players. This online converter also can rip audio to MP3.), then enter your email address to receive converted file, then click "convert" to start conversion.

Step4. After the conversion finished, check out the mailbox to get the video please.

Note: You cannot convert the big video files using free online converters. It is up to 100MB. And the quality of the output files is just so.

2. With Firefox Video Downloader

A free Firefox plugin,also a quick and convenient way to extract your favorite YouTube videos using this add-on. Besides YouTube, this plug-in supports other video streaming sites including Metacafe, Google Videos and Dailymotion, among others

But you only use it to download YouTube video on Firefox OSX.

Step1. Free download and install the Video downloader extension tool for Firefox

Step 2. After installation, restart your Firefox browser, go to a YouTube page of your own choosing, you can see a small icon to the status bar at the bottom of the Firefox window , just click that and you can download the video you are currently watching. this will then open up video downloader. Simply click the "Download Link" tab to whichever videos you wish to download. It's very easy.

3. With software of download YouTube video

There’re many software to download YouTube video, like Wondershare YouTube Downloader,Orbit Downloader, 4U download YouTube video, Xilisoft download YouTube video. Here I introduce Wondershare YouTube Downloader for example, it not only download YouTube video, but also convert YouTube video to all popular formats like avi,mp4,mpg,wmv etc.

Step1:Download and install Wondershare

Step2: Launch YouTube Downloader and play any YouTube video.
YouTube Downloader will sniff the playing video automatically, and then a pop-up window will ask you to download the videos or skip. Once you select “Download”, YouTube Downloader will start to download it.

Part2:Convert YouTube video to iPod with Wondershare YouTube Downloader

Step1: Select any videos in the downloading list firstly, and then click “Convert”.
Not only can YouTube Downloader download and put YouTube videos to iPod, iPod touch, but also it can convert flv files into MPEG, AVI, WMV ,WMA,mp3 etc.

Step2: Set the target format and output path of the converted files.
It's really convenient for you set up output format, even the some parameters are also available for you to adjust. And there are a large numbers of formats for you to select.

Step3:Click "OK" to start converting, and the conversion is completely under your control. You can also click "Open" to browse the converted files freely.

Part3: Put YouTube video to iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano via iTunes

You only need three steps to put YouTube video to iPod.

Step1: Launch iTunes. Click downloaded YouTube videos and select "Add File to Library" The added files will be automatically classified in the Music or Movies Category under LIBRARY.

Step2: Click My IPOD under the DEVICEs firstly, and tick “Manually manage music and videos” option in the Summary window:

Step3:Drag the YouTube videos from the library file list to your iPod ,iPod touch
Then click the YouTube videos under MY IPOD, you can enjoy YouTube video on iPod.

After you have put YouTube video to iPod, now you can enjoy your YouTube video with your friends and your family.

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Wondershare Youtube Downloader is the best software to download,convert YouTube video

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