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How does a router work

For connecting all pcs the primary medium is router, we all get connected through internet to get the best sources of information worldwide. Let us know what is actually a router can do for connecting us to all the pc's in the world.

We all browse, chat, download and do many more things from the internet at our houses and offices. For doing this the Internet is the most valuable source for almost all the things.So if we dont have the routers how we can get connected. So we have to know about this device which interconnects our computers and we can share the data by its help.

What is this device - Router!!

The major device which interconnects our pc's is Router, Say my PC with name siaar wants to send data to Goog, the router does the data sending job for us. This is the main advantage of a router which connects several pcs. We all know that hubs only accept data from a pc and broadcast it to all machines on the network but routers work in two ways, one it control the grasping of outgoing interface and determine how to forward a data packet to its destination. We also have wifi routers by which we can get rid of cables.

How does a router workThe inside story of a router

Routers consists of operating system, RAM module NVRAM and also a flash memory. It can have the capability of parallel processing, some of them are high-end routers which can work for multiple ASICS which allows to to connect on LAN, MAN, WAN or some known different connections too.

We can use simple routers to cut down the expenditure if we have less terminals. We can also use Softwares like XORP QUAGGA, for cheaper options which makes our ordinary pc into a router.

Then How a Router mainly work

The intelligent part of the router is which is the only switch device which monitors packets sent from PC to PC on the same network and it itself selects theHow does a router workgood and best path from where it can transfer data easily. Say if Siaar want to send a file to Goog, it takes note of siaar's ip address and say if goog want

How does a router workto send a file to siaar, it takes note of goog's ip address. It stores all ip addresses in a table which stores information like connection priority, rules of handling traffic. Hence the packets reaces its proper destination.

The other best part of a routers work is it joins a couple of networks and performs translations of different protocols in the network. It also take care of the packets which will not sent to other networks. As soon as more PC's are attached it manage to save their ip addresses into its routing table itself. This job is performed only one for each pc.

You can save money by connecting multiple PC's to Switches and then the switches can be connected to a router using the straight cable technique.
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