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How to share an internet connection with two network cards?

How to share an internet connection with two network cards (Ethernet)?I have two computers, the first computers (PC1) have two network cards, and the first network card (Ethernet 1) is connected to a broadband. The second network card (Ethernet 2) is connected to the second computer (PC2). My problem is, how to configure the two computers (PC1 & PC2) that PC2 can access the internet? Please help. Thanks. I found this question on:Tec republic

I am trying to solve this question by writing this post below:

First Thing you have to do is go to the Properties of My Computer Find the “Computer Name” Button on the top Click on it – Then click on the Change button Replace the Computer Name as “Server” and at the bottom you will find “Workgroup” change in the “Workgroup” box as “AMNA”” or any name of four to six characters and click OK Save and restart your PC.

After restarting go to My Network Properties you will find two network card icons, change the names of the network cards, say INTERNET or SERVER to the card which has broadband connection.

And Change the name of other network card say LAN or CLIENT.

You will not get confused by doing this on your PC for further settings.

Do the same procedure for your second PC in the MY Computer Properties and rename the Computer Name as “Client” and Work should be same as your first PC. Save and restart your second PC, Then Go to the Network Properties of you Second PC, you will find One Network Card icon, Rename it as Client.

Now comes the setting part.

Go to you first PC and Right click on the First Network ICON i.e. the SERVER, and set the TCP IP Setting as per your Broadband Provider, If it is already there don change it, and you will be ready with internet connection on your first PC.

Now go to the advanced section on the SERVER ICON and Find the Internet Connection Sharing on the advanced section of My Network Properties, Click on the Allow Other Network Users to connect through this computers internet connection, Unclick the second option below it.

Now your Internet connection is shared.

Now check that You Second PC by going on the NETWORK ICON in the properties and click on the internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Section and then click on the properties, set obtain an IP Address Automatically and restart your PC.

Now you will get the connection and NETWORK Sharing OK.

NOTE: You have to set the FIREWALL setting OFF or if it is on: Go to settings in Advance section of your Network Card and click on settings, and again on Advanced on this bar unclick the LAN and Internet or Server and LAN. And restart the system.

Now everything will be fine. You got your connection shared on your Second PC. Congrats.

You can also share more than one pc by using HUB of Multiple ports.

In this post just I tried to answer the Above Question: I will write a post related to this topic using pictures to make it easy.
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