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Published by on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 12:25:00 PM

The Seven Pros of Windows 7 makes us to upgrade.

windows 71. As per my experience on Windows 7 I had found the below pros why we can upgrade to windows 7, If you all are already using windows 7 can add comments with all the extra pros below this post.

2. As per the studies of many Hardware Engineers, researchers, and users Windows 7 gives definite and measurable performance gains over Vista and Xp. Windows 7 definitely promises speed, simplification, stability, security and also many improvements are in productivity.

3. Since we are familiar with XP and Vista we know the speeds, But Win7 is much faster than all the previous versions the best part is it has faster startups, faster operations, and off course faster shutdowns. All the laptop users know the battery problems but now you can see the battery life on laptops by using Windows 7 it has almost a 15 to 25 percent gain in battery life.

4. Win7 comes with the great features like an improved taskbar on which you can see all the applications that are running, You can find larger icons on desktop and in windows for easier viewing and easy clicking, the ability to preset the order of preference or reorder, the preview thumbnails of all the various applications and browser windows that are open we can easily go there by this great facilities.

5. The Networking part on your PC is much easier right from setting up a local area network whether it is wired one or a wireless to sharing all the documents and files, All Windows versions are friendlier ones but Win7 is found to be as best friend version, The Media sharing part on all the devices enables you to play audio or video right from any PC on the network you don’t have to copy the files to your PC play them directly from there only.

6. The latest technology makes users familiar with touch screen computing hence Microsoft made an attempt to give us the enhanced finger-usability. With very large, better responsive touch in all the sensitive areas in the Start menu and taskbar, the scrolling, resizing, media playing, panning, shrinking and zooming is now found to be very interesting you will see them . You can also see the handwriting recognition and digital pen input improvements it assures greater accuracy and also it is very faster in speeds. Now you can also add your custom dictionaries for handwriting recognitions and also you can add all the engineering mathematical expressions and more.

7. Many of us were never upgraded from XP to Vista due to our hardware efficiency because of the compulsory conditions of hardware, which made us to remain on the XP not to go to Vista because we are afraid whether it will work on our low configurations that was the lack of faith on the VISTA OS. But now you can go for win 7 as it runs everything, from low end to 1 GB ram and beyond. - Siaar.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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