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Blogspot SEO : The Practical Way to Improve Rankings

Blogspot SEO ChecklistBy: Codex-M

So you started a blog on Blogspot, but you're not seeing the level of traffic for which you'd hoped. Are you going to have to give up your dreams of blogging for a living, or at least making a nice side income from your writing? Maybe not. This article will show you a few ways to improve your visibility in the search engines, and hopefully your traffic.


You can easily get a blog from, popularly known as “Blogspot.” It is the most famous blogging platform. No wonder most blogs are using the Google blogger platform; it is very easy to set up and FREE!

With a free account comes one weakness, however: the default blogger is highly unfriendly to search engines. If you are a blogger reading this article, it will help you to address the SEO issues of your blogs. Being highly unfriendly to search engines means LOW RANKING = LOW TRAFFIC = LOW BLOG INCOME.

It is every blogger's dream to earn a high income through blogging. The best way to do this is to get a lot of traffic coming from search engines, particularly Google. You cannot obtain a high level of traffic if your blog posts are not well ranked in the search engines.

This checklist is aimed at Google. The advice in this article should be easy to apply even if you are not tech savvy. In short, what you will find in this article is do-it-yourself SEO advice that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars hiring SEO firms or consultants. Yes, I am serious.

Before you can implement this diagnostic checklist, make sure you comply with the following basic requirements:

Your content is original, marketable and written to a specific targeted audience, which can be easily understood and applied.

You have the time to update your blog on a periodic basis. It does not matter whether it will be daily, weekly or monthly blog updates.

You know what I'm talking about when I refer to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics; furthermore, you have registered your blog using those tools.

You are using the Google Blogger Classic Template. The current/default or new version of Blogger does not give you the full control of its source code template that will be used to initiate SEO improvements. If you are using the Beta version, switch to the Classic version before you try to implement the actions on the checklist.

You should back up your blogger template source code before making any alterations. By this, I mean that you should copy and paste all source HTML into a notepad file, and then save it to your desktop. If things go wrong, you can copy and paste this backup source code to your template.
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