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Motorola Droid for Verizon - A Review by : Sal Cangeloso

Motorola Droid for VerizonBy: Sal Cangeloso

There is a lot riding on the Droid. Motorola needs a hit more than just about any handset company on the market right now (think Palm circa late 2008) and Verizon is still looking for its super phone. This may seem like less than ideal circumstances to come out with a great device, but the timing is actually quite good. Not only does the Droid ship as the first phone with version 2.0 of the rapidly maturing Android operating system but it arrives at a time when consumers know that the iPhone is not a perfect device. And it’s even more clear these days that AT&T is not the perfect carrier.

If you’ve seen any of the “iDon’t” commercials then you’d think that the Droid was designed to be the anti-iPhone. More realistically it was designed for the iPhone buyer, specifically addressing the iPhone’s shortcomings. Looking for a hardware keyboard? The Droid has it. Removable battery? It has it. MicroUSB charging? Check. Five megapixel camera with a flash? That too. Haptic feedback? Of course. And if that stuff wasn’t enough, it’s the thinnest slider QWERTY made today, it has a ridiculously nice 854×480 display, and it runs the newest version of Android, complete with Google Maps Navigation.

Before we get going, don’t miss our initial impressions of the Droid or the photo gallery. These should get you up to speed.

With the basics out of the way, let’s jump into the hardware. The Droid is nicely build, there is no questioning this. It’s a solid, metallic hunk with a a good sliding action and sharp, clean angles. The design is in keeping with the device’s killer robot demeanor, something you might love or hate but at least they follow through on it. The 3.7-inch LCD is the focus of the phone (as it should be) but it’s detracted from by the four touch-sensitive buttons and the phone’s odd chin. While the buttons are useful and form another distinction between the Android devices and the iPhone, the chin doesn’t seem like much more than a highly visible spot to put a Verizon logo. It actually holds the microphone and the antenna setup plus it makes sliding the screen easier, but it’s not as clean a design as it could be.

The Droid’s hardware, in addition to the cool factor of the large display and metal body, has a number of thoughtful decisions. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack and charging is handled by microUSB. There is a display/power button on the top and a volume control on the side… all where they are expected. As a perk there is a dual-stage camera button for using the 5MP digital camera which will combine with the dual-LED flash to produce some really nice shots. The battery is removable and the storage is expandable via microSD. It’s almost as if the phone was designed by handset geeks. More....
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