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Map My India a GPS Travel Navigator

Map My India a GPS Travel NavigatorBenefits Of Using a GPS Navigator, SatNav, SatGuide, MapMyIndia, Global Positioning System, satguide gps, satguide While Traveling.

By Anmol Taneja

Traveling by roads in India has become a simpler task as satellite navigation and Global Positioning Systems have taken position on shelves in electronics stores. Gone are the days of asking directions from roadside tea-stalls, as these gadgets offer you views of the smallest lanes in remote locations of the country.

A relatively new concept in India, GPSs have been widely used across the world by adventure tourists, travelers, sportsmen, sailors and general road users as well; and with good reason too. Offering real time positioning, these devices enable you to not only locate where you are, but also to find the best route to your destination. Some companies that manufacture these GPS navigators are SatGuide and MapMyIndia. MapMyIndia provides consumers with a ready to use GPS Navigator that enables the user to travel across the length and breadth of the country, without losing sight of their path. SatGuide on the other hand uses high end software, Destinator, created by HSTC, which is world leader in navigation software. It employs an award winning software that allows the compression of the Map Data to up to 95%, this allows SatGuide devices to run its data on Pocket PC memory.

The device from MapMyIndia connects over 55,000 villages and towns with high level details for 18 major cities and their suburbs. More than 4,00,000 places of interest (or landmarks) allow you to locate, and travel to, your destination by simply choosing the name. These are just some of the features that make the GPS navigator a must have for every car.

It shows a real-time location of the device enabling users to chart routes based on immediate position.

Voice instructions ensure that you don't have to look away from the road when driving.

Easy to mark points of interest such as ATMs, Chemist Shops or that cheap flower vendor - just get there once and mark it on the device.

Type in your destination and the device selects the shortest route to take you there - automatically.

In case you miss a turn on the route, it automatically re-routes you to your destination from the current location.

It also allows you to plan a trip with multiple destinations. This allows you to select the shortest route while covering all your destinations.

Touch screens ensure that selecting options and setting up the system is an extremely easy taskWhen traveling to a new city, users already have the road maps and directions for those cities - traveling becomes more convenient.

Add to this the added features such as a media player, picture viewer, games and world clocks, and you have an extremely well rounded system that takes a load of your mind.

Traffic situations in the country are worsening and roads are extremely packed. If knowing that a different route will save you time and head-ache, then who would give up that opportunity? The Global Positioning System has certainly eased our life in that way and whether you are an extensive traveler or not, it seems to be the next 'must-have' on everyone's list.

Anmol Taneja is a Gadget enthusiast, and critique. He has written several articles on various aspects of gadgets and the role they play in our day to day lives. Anmol is involved with several organizations involved in the evaluation and review of gadgets including and

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