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Ecommerce - 5 Advantages of Using Social Networking Sites

Ecommerce FreeBy Marc Wyndham Bass

There are many advantages to using social networking sites, one of them is to build a list. This is one of the best Internet Marketing tips out there. Using Networking Sites to build loyal followers who want to look at what you have to give them what I call "ecommerce free"

1) EASE OF USE - Free, fast, fun and a great way to keep in touch with friends, family or evan an online prospect. You can easily sign up for free allowing you to upload a profile picture and start customizing your page; even upload your recent holiday snaps.

2) NETWORKING - Perfect for building links, launching your viral advertising or getting bloggers to your products whilst building relationships that will last. Its always about networks! Linking Mr Smith to Mr Blogs and then back to you, a busy network of interlinked relationships.

3) WORLD-WIDE - The chance to be connected to anyone in any country and at the click of a button makes it a powerful tool. Just imagine being on holiday abroad whilst your list of networked relationships become driven traffic to whatever link, website or product you want. (definitely ecommerce free!)

4) BLOGGING - The minute a blog or post is uploaded then it will spread ASAP, I remember when Michael Jackson passed away, I was woken up by my Phone buzzing away at me because I had so many friends updating their profiles online! information spreading like wild fire all around the globe.

5) LINKS - You can always post or "tweet" a link to any site or article you want. A silly video on You Tube or a satirical comment on a forum, links are always a great way to get people to view what you want and as a marketer great to get "back links" to your article for higher Google ranks.

Who else wants to learn the insider secrets to using social network sites to gain new friends, get more traffic and make more sales? Why not grab our free 5 day ecourse right now.

"Ecommerce free" was written and submitted by Marc Wyndham Bass from Huff & Doback.
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