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Published by on Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 8:08:00 PM

Twitter: 140 reasons it’s worth your time

Source : Ben Shoemate: If someone at your company is not watching your brand on Twitter (website: wikipedia: Twitter) you could be missing out on valuable market intelligence and an opportunity to interact with your customers in a way that makes your brand more personal. Plugging into twitter a little each day is a good way to “listen” to what is happening: in the news; in your industry; and with your customers and to the web. The web is changing fast and changing society as it does. Ideas are generated in small sub-cultures and explode outward in viral waves that influence consumer behavior, innovation, even language.

If you have not heard of Twitter, heard of but never tried it, tried it but didn’t “get it”, or seen the value but weren’t sure how to extract it, then this article is written for you.

I was on Google Search to know more about twitter and i found this article, and got a good knowledge about twitter all points written in the artilce are positive points and can do much with twitter...

Now let us know What is twitter ?

Twitter is a website and service that let’s people “text” each other short messages. Unlike almost every other social network on the internet, Twitter is focused completely on this one feature. Each “Tweet” has a limit of 140 characters and looks like this on the website: ::::::: Want to know more read here...
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