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Rural India Set to Ring in 3G Mobile Technology

DEVELOPMENT: Rural India Set to Ring in 3G Mobile Technology - IPS

As India prepares to roll out third-generation (3G) mobile services in the world's fastest growing telecom market, there are high expectations that it will benefit people in the vast, impoverished rural hinterland most.

"In the same way that basic mobile services allowed India to leapfrog over the digital divide, 3G services with their video and picture features can transform life in the infrastructure-deficient rural areas," said Devendra Jalihal, a member of the Chennai-based Telecommunication and Computer Networking Group (TeNeT).

Rural population in India is estimated at seven percent of its 1.1 billion population.

The actual rollout – which will be carried out over a period of three years – is expected to begin in December once the auctions to private operators are over.

3G services to date have been patchy and experimental in India. The state- owned telecommunications company Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd has launched a promotional drive in most of New Delhi, charging 1.80 rupees (3.8 U.S. cents) per minute for a video call within the company’s network. Calls to private internal networks, when available, will cost three rupees (6.4 U.S. cents) per minute.
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