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Jobs in Pune Offer a Lucrative Career Growth

Jobs in PuneBy Prem Chandra: Being the second largest city of Maharashtra, its also inevitably known as "automotive capital of India" as the city houses some of the largest manufacturing units of top automobile companies of the world. Jobs in Pune are actually confined in software and manufacturing sectors. A look at history of the city reveals many fascinating facts about the city. Earlier known as Poona, the city was inevitably known as `Queen of Deccan'. One of the major factors which has led to the growth of jobs in Pune are its famous educational institutes since the colonial era which even today attracts India's highest talent pool. Finance jobs in Pune have been successful in attracting a wide spectrum of young talent.

Educational institutes in Pune:

Because of excellent infrastructure facility, many new career institutes in Pune have come up. With numerous universities affiliated to Pune university,as--Bharati Vidyapeeth, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics and Symbiosis International Education Centre makes Pune the first choice for top head hunters of India. Also the establishment of many research centers in the city, has opened up many avenues for jobs in Pune. Major research houses of the city such as-- National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), MACS, Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), National Institute of Virology (NIV), are well reckoned at international level for high end use of technology and skilled manpower.

Recent statistics reveals that in the coming next years, the famous Lavale area of Pune district will be developed into country's biggest education hub. IT jobs in Pune have received a great boost as many IT parks in the city have come up. These IT companies provides specialized services in the different fields such as-- Software Development, Networking Solutions, Medical transcription, Application Development and Maintenance,Storage Management,Data protection, Disaster Recovery.

Colleges in Pune:

Unlike a few years back, nursing wasn't seen as a lucrative career in India but with the establishment of nursing colleges in Pune which brought in highly specialized courses in this stream. Its now a good career option for many. With the passage of time, numerous nursing jobs in Pune are offered as soon as the students pass out of the colleges . Among the famous nursing colleges in Pune, mention needs to be made of Bharati Vidpeeth`S College Of Nursing. Established in 1992, this college of nursing is known for its wide array for medical courses too.

Job search in Pune is not quite difficult as there are many recruitment agencies spread all through the city offering good assistance in securing a good job in top companies of their choice. Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) in Pune set up in 1948 is regarded as one of the best medical colleges in India. This college offers specialized courses such as--Postgraduate Training,Graduate Wing,Commissioning Ceremony and Nursing Training. All the courses offered by AFMC are recognized by the University of Pune and Medical Council of India (MCI). Like other jobs in India, airlines jobs in Pune offers good compensation package too.

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