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Published by on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 4:39:00 PM

If Twitter Followers Really Love You, They’ll Create a Fantar

Twitter FollowersIf Your Twitter Followers Really Love You, They’ll Create a Fantar

Passionate fans go out of their way to share their enthusiasm with the world, sometimes even going so far as to alter their Twitter avatars to take on the likeness of or support their favorite artist, sports team, or social media site.

We’ve already seen sites like Twibbon allow users to rally around causes by updating their avatars, but a new service powered by Twitter() photo sharing site, Tweetphoto(), called Fantar, could prove be to be the easiest way for brands, bands, and celebrities to rally fan support on Twitter.

The premise is simple. Whether you’re Britney Spears or KISS, you can work with Tweetphoto to create a fantar that gives Twitterers a one-click way to transform their existing avatar into one that includes your branding and artwork. As a fan, you can instantly show you’re mad about that teen icon or your favorite Twitter app, no photo editing skills required. More...

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