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Published by on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 3:28:00 PM

#BeatCancer Guinness World Record, Raises Over $70,000

beatcancer#BeatCancer Sets Guinness World Record, Raises Over $70,000

Today Guinness World Record confirmed the success of the campaign, which at 209,771 mentions in a single day achieved an estimated 100 million overall impressions of the #BeatCancer message. Not only did the campaign set a newly-developed world record for online impressions, but raised over $70,000 in the process from its financial sponsors.

The funds raised from donors eBay/PayPal and MillerCoors will go to four non-profit cancer organizations including Spirit Jump, Bright Pink, Alex’s Lemonade, and SU2C (Stand UP to Cancer). Although the official Guinness World Record drive is now over, the campaign continues to raise awareness and encourage donations. You can donate and find resources to help you promote the endeavor on the website. More...

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