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Published by on Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 6:41:00 PM

Bahama Botnet Stealing Traffic From Google

Today I was on and found that A botnet called Bahama is stealing traffic from Google I got shocked by reading this article. The article posted there is as follows:

The Bahama botnet, a sophisticated network of compromised computers that is wreaking click-fraud havoc among advertisers, is also snatching away Web traffic and revenue right from under the nose of mighty Google, Click Forensics said Thursday.

As part of its design, the Bahama botnet not only turns ordinary, legitimate PCs into click-fraud perpetrators that dilute the effectiveness of ad campaigns. It also modifies the way these PCs locate certain Web sites through a malicious practice called DNS poisoning.

In the case of, compromised machines take their users to a fake page hosted in Canada that looks just like the real Google page and even returns results for queries entered into its search box.

It's not clear where the Canadian server gets these results. What is evident is that the results aren't "organic" direct links to their destinations but are instead masked cost-per-click (CPC) ads that get routed through other ad networks or parked domains, some of which are in on the scam and some of which aren't.

Sometimes the click takes the user to the advertiser's Web site and sometimes it takes him elsewhere, Matt Graham, a Click Forensics risk analyst, said in an interview. Read more at source.
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