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4 Steps to Setup Your Website With Free Wordpress Software

By Gabriel J. Adams: Have you been thinking about setting up a website using Wordpress? It's very do-able. Simply follow these 4 steps and you'll be right in business in no time at all!

Get a Domain This is the first step. In order to have a site, it's like owning a home - your site's homepage needs an address. This address is called a domain name, such as "whatever dot com" (or .net, .biz, and so on). You can get your domain name from any of a number of registrars, like Yahoo Small Business, Godaddy and others.

Choose your domain name wisely. For one thing, it needs to be easy to remember. It should also be something that's not long or confusing to type; otherwise, misspellings could prevent visitors from locating you. Also, make sure the domain name you choose is relevant to you and what you do.

Get Hosting The second step is to get hosting for your site. Hosting is kind of like the actual location where your house exists. It's like the land where your home site actually resides. A house can't just be floating around in space somewhere, and although the internet is called cyber space, the fact of the matter is that all data on the internet exists here in the physical world on earth.

Internet data doesn't just float around, without a place to go. It has to be saved on a hard drive (on a server). Hosting companies have servers (large mainframe computer systems) that harness the data used by website owners. In the real world, this means you locate a hosting company, and they host your site. You upload (meaning to send) the files that your site uses (including text, video, and so on) and they make those files available on your site for your site visitors to partake in.

There are a variety of hosting companies online. Try doing a search online for web hosting and you will find tons of options. Price them and gauge their value based on the amount of data storage and data transfer (bandwidth) offered. Also consider things like customer support (do they offer email, chat, phone support, etc.?).

Some companies like Blue Host, Dream Host, and many others allow you to install Wordpress directly from their site with a very simple, prefab solution.

Install Wordpress The third step is to install Wordpress so you can use it for your site. As previously mentioned, the easiest way to install Wordpress is to simply go with a hosting company who helps take care of these details for you. has a list you can choose from.

Setup Wordpress This is the fourth and final step. In order to use Wordpress, you must set it up. Visit the Wordpress site or contact your web hosting company for assistance on this step.

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