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VCAST Video - Verizon Wireless Playing on BlackBerry

V CAST Video From Verizon Wireless Now Playing on BlackBerry Source : BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Aug. 21 /PRNewswire/

V CAST Video From Verizon Wireless Now Playing on BlackBerry Storm Smartphones

Watching great television programs whenever you want just got easier as Verizon Wireless said today that its V CAST Video on Demand service is now available to BlackBerry(R) Storm(TM) smartphone customers. Beginning today, TV fans who don't want to miss episodes of their favorite shows can download the application directly to their BlackBerry Storm smartphones and start watching exciting video programming on demand.

V CAST Video now features more than 100 full-length programs from leading broadcast and cable networks, including some of the summer's favorite series and shows that will be premiering or returning this fall season. Programs, ranging from highly-rated drama and comedy series to reality programs and children's programming, are available on demand in easy-to-watch segments that appear on the phone soon after their original air dates.

V CAST Video also delivers live sporting events, including NHL hockey games and an upcoming slate of college football games, so people who are away from their television sets won't miss a minute of the action.

BlackBerry Storm smartphone customers are the first to enjoy V CAST Video on their Verizon Wireless smartphones. They can find V CAST Videos by going to the VZ Today link in their browsers, clicking on Get Apps, and selecting V CAST Videos to download the application. A V CAST Video icon will appear on the device's home screen, and customers can move it to the place that's most convenient for them.

V CAST Videos on the BlackBerry Storm smartphone features an updated design, making it easier for viewers to search for and watch the shows they want to see, as well as higher resolution video, taking advantage of the handset's enhanced multimedia capabilities. The search function has been made more prominent, giving customers the ability to find specific programs or channels quickly.

BlackBerry Storm smartphone customers with unlimited data plans can add V CAST Videos for a $10.00 monthly subscription.

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