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Published by on Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 3:58:00 PM

Powermat Wireless Charging - 1 Plug One Mat Many Devices

Today while watching the TV There was a very unique news of a Wireless Charging Device - Powermat - Wireless Charging : Now you can charge any device (Mobile Phones) on a mat which is completely wireless and you can charge many handsets at a time on the single mat.

Lets see what is this Powermat Wireless Charging System.

The company says : Utilizing principles of magnetic induction, Powermat pairs an ultra-thin mat with a receiver that connects to your device. The two parts of the Powermat system - mats and receivers - all work together.

Each Powermat can wirelessly charge 3-6 devices simultaneously (depending on model). Incredibly, charging occurs at the same rate as if each device was charging with its own charger. So lose the wire spaghetti, adapters, and bricks and simplify how you charge with Powermat.

Choose a receiver that matchesyour device(s).

Powermat receivers are designed to work with your existing electronic devices--with case, power cube and dock options for many. We offer a dozen receivers that work with hundreds of devices, with more being developed all the time.

The Powermat system is designed to work in real home and work settings, with three different mats each targeted for different living spaces.

Why PowerMat ?

Powermat Wireless Charging - One Plug One Mat Many DevicesImagine just placing any of your gizmos on one Powermat and having them charge. No need for multiple chargers, adapters, converters, and power sockets.

Powermat uses the principles of magnetic induction to transmit electrical power via an ultra-thin mat to any Powermat-enabled electronic device placed on it--devices like your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Razr, GPS unit, handheld game and more.

And this is only the beginning of the freedom Powermat offers. The technology is scalable and future applications will be embedded in walls, desks, tables and more - enabling them to become invisible connectivity points for wire-free energy.

Need more reasons to love your Powermat?

Simple and Convenient

No more tangled mess of cords or searching for the right adapter. Simply place your enabled device on the Powermat to charge.

Rapid Charging Time

Powermat charges at a pace equal to or faster than the actual charger provided with the device. Multiple devices can charge simultaneously at full rate.

Energy Saving

One Powermat consumes less energy than having each adapter plugged in separately. Eliminate all your "vampire adapters."

Improved Safety

No more overloaded outlets or power strips - a leading cause of electrical fires. Because there are no exposed contacts, Powermat technology can even be applied in wet environments.

Scalability and New Applications

The Powermat charging technology can easily be embedded into walls and tabletop surfaces, making the dream of a "house without wires" a reality

Really Cool Future Capabilities

Advanced power management--Next-gen Powermat can determine which devices placed on it need power the most and can direct power to them, also turning off the flow of power when a device is fully charged

Built-in integration--Powermat's receiver circuitry can be printed on ultra-thin tape and integrated directly within devices by manufacturers.

Data transmission--Once you're transmitting power, data isn't much of a stretch. Next-gen Powermat technology can wirelessly sync to iTunes while charging and even wirelessly transmit video from your iPhone while charging. Watch for it.
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