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Published by on Friday, September 18, 2009 at 11:59:00 AM

LG VX 9800 for Verizon More Than a Cell Phone

By Sam Michelson : Hi-tech gadgets are getting smaller and smarter.The LG VX9800 for Verizon is grabbing alot of people's attention these days and it is becoming increasingly more popular.The success behind this LG phone is because of it's unique conceptual and functional design.Even Time Online questions if it is a phone, "or a tiny, but surprisingly loud, boombox?" Good question, just what is it?

Besides functioning as a phone, camera, MP3 player, and PDA because of it's QWERTY keyboard, the LG VX 9800 features a Mini SD memory card slot so it is somewhat of a miniature communications center. In my opinion, this LG phone isn’t a smartphone on par with a Treo 650 but it certainly is a tremendously versatile multimedia phone.

The major innovation with LG VX9800 is the VCAST. So if you are commuting by train or bus to work, now you have what you have always dreamed about- just 'flip' open the cover of the LG VX 9800 and enjoy your favorite entertainment with the richness of broadband crystal clear on a 65,000-color screen (128 x 160 pixel resolution) in stereo.

At first glance, even though its obviously not a laptop, LG 9800 kind of resembles one. I've seen it categorized as a flip phone which certainly doesn’t do it justice. What we have here is more than a typical flip style phone.LG and Verizon have combined to bring us a super multimedia entertainment phone that is already making an important conceptual change in cell phone development.

Sam Michelson is a cell phone maven with over 10 years of hi-tech product marketing experience. AmericanCell- has become one of the internet's most successful independent cell phone stores. Sam Michelson's blog features many of his reviews and commentary on the cell phone industry and market trends.

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