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4 Best Ways to Get More Twitters to Retweet Your Tweets

4 Best Ways to Get More People to Retweet (RT) Your Tweets on TwitterThere must be some reason why some Tweeters on Twitter get so many of their tweets retweeted.

Do you ever wonder why more of your tweets don't get retweeted?

A retweet or RT happens whenever your tweet on Twitter is retweeted by other Tweeters. In other words, when you tweet (posting a message on Twitter) and then other Tweeters (other posters on Twitter) retweet (forward your post to others) then it is called a retweet.

For example, if my original tweet was this:

awebbiz Tweet Later ~ Tools to boost your productivity on Twitter. ~ {LINK}~ [Please RT]

A retweet (RT) by other Tweeters would look like this:

RT @awebbiz Tweet Later ~ Tools to boost your productivity on Twitter. ~ {LINK}

There are advantages to having your tweets retweeted:

Many people who read the retweet (RT) may decide to follow you or click on your link.

It makes you look as if you are knowledgeable, or as I like to say, "You are in the loop," when people are retweeting your tweets. This often encourages other Tweeters to follow you and/or retweet (RT) your tweet.

So how do you get more people to retweet (RT) your tweets?

The 4 Best Ways To Get More People To Retweet (RT) Your Tweets on Twitter:

1. Use a numbered list or use specific numbers:

- 10 Ways You Can Get More Traffic to Your Web Site
- How You Can Lose 25 pounds in 30 Days
- 30 Writing Tips That Will Improve Your Writing
- Your tweets should be like a headline.
- The best tweets will target the reader's self-interest.
- Curiosity in your tweet also works well.

Your reader wants to know:

- "What's in it for me?"
- "What benefit will I get from the information in your tweet or if I click on your link?"

2. Include the words "You" or "Your":

People who read your tweets will have more interest in them if the tweet is about them. If the tweet targets the reader then they will be more likely to RT your tweet if they thing the information is valuable.

3. Include a link:

People seem to be more inclined to RT your tweet if there is a link included. You can only say so much with a tweet that contains 140 characters. So having a link to a web site or a blog, where someone can find more detailed information that they are interested in works well.

4. Include this in your tweet:

[Please Retweet] or [Please RT]

Including [Please RT] in your tweet acts as a call for action to be taken by your reader. People like to be told what to do next.

If a person has taken the time to read your tweet and perhaps they visited your web site or blog, then they may feel obligated to "pay" you back for the great information you provided. The easiest way for them to "pay" you back is with a RT of your tweet.

Try using the suggestions I have provided and I guarantee that you will get more retweets of your tweets, which means you will be getting many more followers than you are getting now.

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