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PowerPoint Tip - Put a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tip - Put a YouTube Video in PowerPointBy Ellen Finkelstein : You can embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation. For example, your company may have videos on YouTube that you would like to show. If you're sure that you'll have a live Internet connection when you present, you can use this method.
1. Display the YouTube movie at 2. From the URL text box, copy the URL to the clipboard.

Then follow these steps:

1. Choose View>Toolbars>Control Toolbox. (In PowerPoint 2007, go to Developer tab> Controls group. If you don't see the Developer tab, click the Office button> PowerPoint Options. In the Popular category, check the Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon check box.)

2. Click the Hammer button (More Controls).

3. Choose Shockwave Flash Object from the menu. (In PowerPoint 2007, click OK.)

Once you've selected this option:

1. Drag a box across the screen to get the desired size and location. Don't cover the entire slide.

2. Right click the box and choose Properties.

3. In the Properties window, click the Movie item.

4. Paste the YouTube URL that you copied.

5. In the URL, delete the text watch?.

6. In the URL, replace the = (equal) sign with a / (forward slash).

You'll end up with a URL that looks like

7. Set the Loop value to False unless you want the movie to repeat over and over.

8. Set the Playing value to False to allow you to click when you want the movie to start, rather than automatically when you display the PowerPoint slide.

9. Close the Properties window using its close box.

10. Choose Slide Show view to see the movie. Click the Play button to start the movie.

Note: On repeated playing, the movie sometimes starts itself or plays at a quick speed. Just click the Pause button, drag the slider to the left, and click Play.

Ellen Finkelstein, is the best-selling author of How to Do Everything with PowerPoint 2007 (and previous editions for PowerPoint 2002 and PowerPoint 2003) Her award-winning Web site features loads of free tips on PowerPoint, the monthly PowerPoint Tips Newsletter, and the PowerPoint Tips Blog -

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