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List Building Secrets: Why do you have a small list?

List Building Secrets: Why do you have a small list?By: Christopher Dittemore

List building secrets do exist. If you're not sure list building secrets exist. Ask yourself this question, "Why do Guru's have giant lists and I have a small mediocre list?" Secrets exist. You know they do that's why you're reading this article. You want to figure out every list building tactic and strategy to absolutely decimate your current list building progress.

I know where you're at. I've been there. I wasn't always a master list builder. I hunted down every guru, membership website, mastermind, interview, ebook, and forum that I could find to get the information I am about to give to you. I hope you have pencil and paper because the secrets I am about to share with you didn't come cheap. Treat them well.

First, I want to get one thing straight: You're right for wanting to know the secrets. They do exist. You will find them, I promise. Keep list building and keep searching for list building secrets and you will figure out what seperates the big boys from the little guys. Those are the secrets.

List Building Secret #1: You need help building your list. This secret is so powerful when you really get it. Call it viral, call it leverage, call it joint venturing, call it tell-a-friend. This secret goes under many names, but it all boils down to one single concept.

List building is more effective with help. If you want to absolute disintegrate your opposition regard this secret as your life line. Figure out how to use help from other people. Leverage their lists to build yours. Leverage their advertising dollars to promote your products. Leverage their time to build you empire. Leverage other people's resources. Period.

List Building Secret #2: You will never improve your list building ratios consistently until you track them. This secret is hidden behind WORK. The dreaded W word. Average marketers know they should be doing this list building secret, but they don't understand why it's so key. It all boils down to one concept: You can not hone your list building abilities until you track what is working and what is not working.

Which list building traffic method is bring you the most targeted traffic? Focus more on that method. Don't know which one? You need track it. Which opt-in headline is bringing you the most clicks? Don't know which one? You need to start tracking it. Which opt-in ethical bribes are converting the most leads for your squeeze page? Don't know which one? Yep. You got it. Start tracking now. Until you are tracking every aspect of your list building process. Don't waste your time buying anymore products, courses, or interviews. It won't matter.

List Building Secret #3: Specialize yourself. This secret will never be figured out by 99 percent of the marketers. They will never get it. They are too focused on the hottest trends and products. This secret has many disguises. Call it becoming the expert, becoming the authority, becoming the resource, niching, sub-niching, or even drilling down. Call it whatever you want. It all comes down to a single thought.

Information is cheap, specialized knowledge is valuable. This is one secret you must truly grasp. The list that you currently have or the list that you will build with the first two secrets will stay with you for TWO reasons. You give them KNOWLEDGE or you are saving them TIME. When they are getting one or maybe even both of these things. Your list will cultivate a relationship with you. Your list will read your emails. Your list will buy your offers consistently. They will begin to TRUST you.

List Building Secrets do exist. These are a couple that have taken my list building to another level. If you read them, apply them, and take care of them they will take care of you for many years to come. I hope that this information has helped put you on the "correct" path of list building because when you understand list building. You can basically print money out of thin air.

Christopher Dittemore is a master list builder and is poised to finally share all of the list building secrets that gurus have used to explode their incomes. Your free gift is just a small taste of what is to come.
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