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Free Google Traffic--3 Easy Ways to Get Top Gun Listing

Free Google Traffic--here’s 3 Easy Ways to Get Top Gun Listing With GoogleAuthor: Ron Randall

1). The latest and most updated way is to have a blog. Blogs are all over the place now because they are a different kind of website platform and search engines just love blogs, like Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. The one reason is that they are constantly updating with new information is that the sites are always updating information like posting and leaving comments and other information. The search engines know the sites are updating through pinging services like technorati, pingomatic and other services that let the engines know your site has updated. Keeping your site constantly updating keeps the site fresh for the search engines like Google and others. You can link your blog to your other site to also help that site and so on and so on. So definitely want to have a blog. They are also real easy to set up.

2). Another aspect of getting your site listed with Google is to master keyword distribution. You need to figure out which keywords are being used to find the particular niche you are in. What you can do is use keyword tools and ther are all kinds out there that are free to use. Google has a free keyword tool you can use. I personally just go to the search engine type in my niche words and on that first page you will see the highlighted words. Those highlighted words are the one’s people use to find those sites. Those are the words I use. You want to pepper those words in your site, blog, articles, sales letter or any other information you put online. Those keywords are the words people will find your site with also. I have one blog I do not advertise at all and everyday I get traffic to that site with people doing searches and finding my site so I know the keyword technique works. If you are not using keywords strategically you are missing out all some major search engine traffic. Do not put anything online without this technique it could definitely help you get a top listing with Google.

3). This one is pretty obvious most people already know about and that is linking back to your site. You need to get hits to your site from many different sources. Some sources would be article marketing, classifieds, pay per click, email, forums, social book marking, social networking sites and any other creative way you can get your link in front of people. The more hits get the more likely you are to climb the Google ladder and any other search engines. These are just a few ways to good ranking with Google and other engines.

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About the Author:Ron Randall There is another way to get high listings on Google that most people have never even heard about and it is because Google keeps it a well guarded secret. Discover Google's Undisclosed Secret, The Free Click Formula, Hidden Since 1998 (The Birth Of Google) ... That they would rather you not know about. Go to blog and click on “Google’s Well Guarded Secret Finally Exposed” in upper left corner.

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Everybody wants to get on the top page of the Google search engine or any other search engine. Why? It is totally and completely free advertising which everyone who is in business would love to have. It is a source of free traffic 24/7. Who wouldn’t want that? Here are a few ways to actually make it happen.

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