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Published by on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 2:42:00 PM

Now you can remove unwanted Apps from iPhones.

Many people are now a day’s buying iPhones as they are unique ones and very interesting gadgets in the world of cell phones. As we all know that many iPhones comes with built in apps and also some are installing the apps from net and after using them when they feel bored and wanted to remove the ones which are not good or which are not so good or which we don’t need more.

This gives us the query of removing them from the iphones. How ? is the question. Many do not know how to remove the not required apps from their iPhones.

Here is the simple technique by which we can remove the unwanted apps from our iPhones.

Steps to remove apps from our iPhones or you can completely delete them from your iPhone.

You can delete them very easily in the following three steps very easily…

1. First decide which app you want to delete from you iPhone and decide and come the App on the screen of your iPhone.

2. Point on the app icon on your iPhone and hold for some seconds you can see you screen will get moved here and there for some time and an X icon will get appeared on the App icon that’s it.

3. Now go to the X sign and the app will ask to proceed, go to the delete option and delete it. And you are done.

These steps will help you to delete all the apps which you are installed by yourself and many default icons will not show the x icon for deletion and there is another technique to remove the default apps which I will write in next article very soon.

Try to remove the apps from iTunes after deleting them to completely remove them from your iphone because there is chance of reappearing of your apps in your iPhone from iTunes when you sync back. So remove it from you iTune when you delete it from the above procedure.

Now the last step is to remove the deleted apps from your menu.

Go to the menu pages find the icons of apps which you are deleted from your iPhones and remove them from your menu and customize your menu pages with the ones you are using.
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