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Norton Ghost Backup Making PC Repairs Easy

Norton Ghost Source: Mark McGlasahn : PC Repairs are often needed when we need our computer the most. One way to take away many problems or to make our life simple is at all times to have a solid backup. A simple method would be to buy Norton Ghost 10 which gives you the ability to do incremental backups which is a godsend.

Never use the auto backup as this has a tendency to work whilst you are working what will happen is the system will start to run very sluggish due to this auto backup going on in the background and often the system will crash.

Split your hard drive in 2 with Partition Magic and make this a rule when working. Also when you have a basic setup, consider buying a DVD drive and Roxio Easy CD Creator. The simple reason this is an excellent second backup. Always save a copy of all your files on the DVD drive as well so your work is in two places. Use drag to disk which allows your DVD to act like a hard drive. Once you see the benefits of this you will never look back. Far more reliable than any floppy drive or USB flash drive has ever been. There is one golden key be patient and always be sure that your data has fully written to the DVD before ejecting as this may cause data lost!

With a full system backup using Norton Ghost you can be up and running within 20 minutes or much less dependent than the footprint of your overhaul install. Once do a reboot you will see a wide choice of backups you can select from, if you have a large hard drive you can go back years. My advice is to delete you old backups once you are sure you have a healthy system, but at all times keep a basic backup of whatever operating system you are using. This is a super way of immediately pinpointing if your problem is software or hardware related.

Mark McGlashan is a fully qualified PC Repairs Engineer and also SEO Expert the former Ibm Enginner who has repaired over 2000 Computers & Laptops has also worked for Google and MSN.

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