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How to Learn Latest SEO Writing Techniques

How to Learn Latest SEO Writing TechniquesAuthor: Neeraj Arora : The success of SEO depends on the correct and natural techniques of optimization. Every SEO practitioner has to keep in mind that there are two parts to the SEO viz. the ranking with search engines and the satisfaction of the readers which depends much on the natural flow of writing and word coordination. It must be thoroughly understood that while research into keyword usability can prove to be very essential, indiscriminate use of prospective keywords can damage the readability of SEO and cause much loath in the minds of the readers which is by no means expected.

There are some simple points to be followed to secure a high rank for an SEO article. One of these techniques is to put the keyword or phrase in the front portion of the title of an article. Most of the time this ensures high ranking for the article. Also, putting the title in an interrogative mode (eg. With 'How') can also help in the long run since a large number of people search for articles that explain the “how to” of something or the other? The keyword should also be part of the introductory paragraph and preferably the first sentence. The same tips should be followed while writing the concluding paragraph of the article. All over the body of the article the keyword should be spread discriminately with the preferred density of 3-7% of the word count.

There are some features in an SEO which may not be captured within one keyword. Therefore a need may arise to provide one or two secondary keyword(s).The framing of this keyword should be entirely purpose oriented and provide clear direction to the visitors regarding the product, service or concept discussed in the article. An opening sentence can be framed interestingly in a conversational mode to arouse interest in the reader. The time that a reader spends on a page during a visit has been calculated as very small by researchers. Therefore the attention of the readers should be captured with the very first sentence if possible.

Eye-catching resource boxes featuring the primary keyword can be very helpful. There is a need to help the readers identify the exact nature of the things discussed and boxed rather than paragraphs are particularly helpful in this regard. The boxes should be positioned near the primary phrases so as to automatically guide the readers to it whenever the repetition occurs. While writing an SEO article clarity and conciseness should be strictly followed. It is better to let the readers take decisions from the supplied information rather than focusing on a viewpoint with the aim of influencing their demands.

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Article written by Mr. Neeraj Arora, Marketing Director of Himalayan IT Solutions a SEO Company Delhi also offers Web application Development in Delhi.
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