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Children Safety Online - Internet Safety Tips For Kids

Children Safety Online - Internet Safety Tips For KidsBy Markus Frauchiger : Children Safety Online is threatened from different angles, but with my Internet Safety Tips for kids you can guarantee them a safe web surfing. Internet is full of websites with inappropriate content for the eyes of our innocent kids. And they are easy victims to sexual predators and pedophiles while chatting online. But you are only a few steps away to be absolutely carefree while your kids are surfing the web. Just follow these tips.

Tip #1 - Restrict their online access To make sure that your children only see what is appropriate for them, you have to restrict their online access. With a filtering software you can decide, which content your web browser will show and which not. You can block specific URL's or web pages that contain certain keywords or phrases in general.

Tip #2 - Monitor their Internet activities A monitoring software gives you direct access to all of your kid's online activities. Captured screen shots allow you to get log in detail for their email and social network account. They record every single word your children exchange in chat and instant messaging as well.

Tip #3 - Get a Parental Internet Control Software With this software you get all the features to follow Tip #1 and Tip #2. A Parental Internet Control Software allows you to watch over your children's shoulder at every time and as soon as you see something suspicious or dangerous, you can react immediately, search the discussion and protect your kids from further damage.

If you want more detailed information about Children Safety Online, read this article too. You will find other links there to information about Parental Internet Control Software as well as a complete Parental Control Software Review and a Review about the best product on the market.

That children surf the web a few hours a day is nothing unusual. But did you ever think about what they are doing exactly, which web sites they visit and to whom they are chatting to? We want to give our children all the liberty they can afford, but for all of its virtues, Internet is a dangerous playground for our youngster.

Did you know, that 12%, (4.2 million...) of all websites are pornographic websites? Or did you know, that 1 out of 5 children between 11 and 17 years of age in the US are sexually harassed at least once while chatting online? I was shocked when I read this information! I started to research about Internet threats, the possibilities to protect children online and the different existing Parental Internet Control Softwares.

Now I would like to help other parents to protect their children too. You can find several short articles about the topic by visiting safe websurfing for kids. Check it out and learn how to protect your children while they are surfing the web.

Our kid's online safety online is an important issue, and a lot of parents don't even think about it. But the threats of internet are real! Our kids are our responsibility. It's our obligation to get them as safe as possible, while they surf the web or whatever they do. If your children still have unrestricted Internet access, I highly recommend you to start to protect the now!

Best regards,Markus

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