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Published by on Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 6:38:00 PM

A 5 inches Latest Android-Powered Internet Tablet.

A 5 inches Latest Android-Powered Internet Tablet.Launching in the Month of September We will get this latest device before it ships through Archos.

An Internet Media Tablet running Google’s Android Operating System will hit the shops in september, Archos is shipping it very soon.

The Company revealed its upcomming series which has three range and will be coming in september which will be based around android, and It will be with the new customized applications running on it.

9 PC Tablet – Previously Launched one.

The 9 PC Tablet which was previously launched is based on Windows 7, but it is not in the shops neither shipped till now and may be it will not come until late October. Archos a well known company will launch and ship the 5 inches Latest Android Powered Internet tablet which is not named yet is an Android Intenet tablet that will arrive before it, Here we can see that the company is competing with itself.

We came to know through some reliable sources that the upcoming Google Operating System based Intenet media device is designed with a 5 inches screen, which is very closed in the size to the previous 5 Internet tablets of nearly two generations ago and is also very smaller than the 9-inch screen on the Windows model which is recently announced. Now we came to know that very soon Archos will also be adding the Android OS in those larger Internet media devices too.

We also came to know about the upcoming devices which will also include all the telephony products, they work some what like telephone devices but not like the cell phones or mobile phones.

Let us wait and see what will be in our hand when it comes in the stores. Waiting eagerly ………
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