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Steps to create Web 2.0 Websites.

Web 2.0 Let us Introduce Web 2.0:

The next new version of Websites are Web 2.0; As per the changes in the internet world they are changing the websites to get more attractive, Very Simple, Usable, scalable, looking bright and can be shared by creative designing them with web 2.0 standards. The New WEB 2.0 is not meant for changing the web design concept, but also meant for changing the web marketing concepts, programming concepts and usability concepts.

Now we are going to learn how to create our web 2.0 website. While reading this article every one will be able to design web 2.0 logo, create web 2.0 sites, make their sites content rich and can publish and distribute their sites.

Consider the design

Be Simple

While creating Web 2.0 design keep in mind that it should look simple and free of noice, with less contents, and huge images and very big fonts, you can see the picture below to imagine what is the simple design looks like.

Contents in the Center

The main thing of the Web 2.0 Websites are the contents of the page, It should be in the center of the page and you can see the content in the center and the left and right space should be filled with gradient color backgrounds or images.


In the Web 2.0 Websites the Horizontal Navigators is the most important part and this style should be in large fonts and should be very clear to see. This style looks beautiful with such types.


The backgrounding of the Web 2.0 Websites have many forms, either it will be gradient colors or diagonal line pattern or creative image based.

Reflect it with Style Reflection.

Reflection makes you web style looks better so make some reflection on your images.

Corners must be round.

If you can make the corners round in the content box, buttons etc. which makes it look beautiful and attractive.

Light boxes

Light box can be used to make large version of an image, warning message box, large map and many other applications to look the site in great style.

Ajax Ajax Ajax

It is important part in Web 2.0 websites, We use Ajax with it, Ajax features can make your site better usable, more attractive and very fast on any servers. Never forgot to use Ajax indicator.

Syndication is the very important Part

Always use RSS to Syndicate your content, And Also use the Syndication ICONS in your Web 2.0 sites to make easy to your visitors to feed your content.

Bookmarking is also important

You can also use Digg, Delicious, reddit etc icons in your Web 2.0 Sites to make your visitors can bookmark your sites.

Use Large Fonts

Always use Very large and clear looking fonts in your web 2.0 designs.

Use Very Bright Colors

Always use bright strong looking colors in your web 2.0 design.

Always Introduce Your Service

It is compulsory to use introductory text about your service in the home page, always use it in large text format, Use Bullets and also support it with good-looking images and icons.

Web 2.0 star

You can also find web 2.0 star in most of the web 2.0 sites. Usually used in numbering, new icon and beta icon.

Get Users contribution

Always see that your users are contributing you your content either by getting comments from them in comments section, Wiki Section, or they can share your content.


*Wikipedia: wiki based
*Digg : contents sharing
*Blog: comments sections and rating

Videos are also very important part of Web 2.0 websites.

To make your web 2.0 site very attractive and Rich looking Use Videos embedded in it.

The best vides are from you tube because it has most rich videos and also available in all categories.

Web 2.0 Supporting Tutorial Sites :

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11. Color Schemer

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14. Video Section

15. Youtube
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