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Published by on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 2:27:00 PM

Samsung E1107 Crest Solar Power - Charge your Batteries

Samsung Solar Guru E1107Already we are using the calculators and many other gadgets by solar power, Now in the new era of mobile phone many were facing the problem of battery down during important calls when they were out of power.

Samsung a Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturer is now introduced a cell phone which we can charge by using Solar Power, The First Solar Phone is now introduced by Samsung known as Samsung Solar Guru – Guru E1107.

Now the Mobile users can charge their batteries any where where is sun is available by which all of us are happy that now we cannot miss any call if there is low battery indication on on cells, as soon as we get the alert go the sunlight area and charge it. Also during call no matter of removing the battery.

The Solar Guru by Samsung is developed to help all the Indian Consumers who are residing in the villages or small towns where the electricity problem is one of the major problem in day time. Now every one who are in less electricity areas can rely on Sun to charge their batteries and remain always connected with full power batteries.

The power we can get by charging our phone through the solar power is around 5~10 minutes of talk time with one hour of charging.

Samsung has developed this mobile specially for Indian Customers, Keeping in mind the electric problem as well as the Solar Guru designed by Samsung also comes in compact design with all essential cell phone features which consists of FM Radio, Games, MP3 Ring Tones, And also specially created a torchlight which can be used in the remote areas.

One of the main feature and important feature which is available in the market for extra cost is also attached with this set i.e. the Mobile Tracker, Now we can get alerts when the Sim Card is changed or also can send an SOS Message to a stored number as an emergency. The Samsung Solar Guru E1107 also provides a special feature for different religions, which include religious prayers, like Azan, Bhajans, Bible Prayers as tunes and also religious wallpapers.
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