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Published by on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 2:31:00 PM

Eco Friendly Cell Phones – Next Generation Mobiles

Eco Friendly Cell PhonesMajor Points: Cell phone manufacturers are now in mode of creating more eco-friendly Cell phones.

All were in mode of standalone handsets; many are in mode of making greener Cell Phones.

Consumers are in demand for hi-tech and latest phones, which are challenging the industry to create ones.

Now be ready to throw away your old mobile phones, now you can bury your phones in garden instead of Trashes.

Assume if the cell phones you are using is made up of biodegradable bamboo seeds implanted in its case, which will dissolve to sprout when you throw it in the garden if it is unusable.

The next coming phones are also energy independent which will be a three minute turn to crank on its back provides more power for a less time phone call or some text messages.

In the next coming years every one will get a lot of eco friendly phones in the stores. Van Breugel, a Danish product designer, as we all know him as a green electronic competition for his environment – friendly phone.

All the major cell phone manufacturers are also in hope to tap into what we predict will be in growing demands in next generation for eco friendly phone devices from all types of consumers who are concerned with making low risk carbon footprints.

In these days all the phone manufacturers have unveiled greener handset designs which features every thing from solar panels to casings which all are made from recycled or used plastic materials in an attempt to gauge the consumer market interest in Earth-Conscious Mobile Phones.

Other green handsets, like the solar-powered one launched by Chinese manufacturer ZTE in partnership with Latin American service provider Digicel, also only have basic features.

However Nokia is already developing eco-friendly applications, which can be run on handsets as well The cell phone by Nokia model 5630 Xpress Music comes with preloaded software known as “WE:OFSET” which can be used to calculate their carbon emissions. And same like this Program known as “GREEN EXPLORER” which enables users to plan their travel more successful.

All the way I want to say that next generation cell phones will be made by biodegradable material, which will be completely eco-friendly.

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