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Published by on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 11:19:00 AM

Latest Motherboards by ASUS for Home Theater Computers

Motherboards from ASUS ASUS the Famous Mother Board Manufacturing Company launched a new series mother board M4A78-HTPC which is developed specially to use with Home Theater Personal Computers called as HTPC.

This Series of M4A78-HTPC Motherboards are based American Mega Trends AMD 780G Chipset, which is integrated by HDMI/DVI display supports and we can view HD Videos very smoothly on our systems. This M4A78 Series motherboard comes with a media center like Home Theater Gate and a Tranquil Mode enabling us to a greater convenient and a special digital music respectively.

M4A78 Series motherboards are the first one which are equipped with Absolute Pitch Hi-Fi Technology by ASUS, In Which we can get an independent audio power connector solely to all audio components. I has very less noise, which ensures us a good quality sound.

The very interesting thing here is the gold plated RCA Stereo audio connectors which are very much compatible with all types of amplifiers with out any additional connectors, which makes it very simple to link our PC with all types of Home Theater Systems. And one of the unique things here is that the M4A78 series also supports the DTS Surround Sound System, Ultra PC Technology.Another special thing here is ASUS Tranquil Mode Function, by which the fan speeds are reduced, and the sound is very less due to the speed which provides users with a fine sound environment and also we can save power @ 25% while watching the high quality Movies.

In India We can get this series of M4A78-HTPC/TC and M4A78-HTPC mother boards @ Rs, 7500 and Rs. 7,000 respectively, and also a special three years warranty.
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